by Watch For Wolves

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released May 6, 2017



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Watch For Wolves Montreal, Québec

A band made up of other bands, Watch For Wolves is a Post Hardcore/Punk group based out of Montreal, Quebec.
With influences stemming anywhere from Folk, Punk, Post-Rock to heavier Hardcore, Watch For Wolves brings an upbeat melodramatic edge and heart to the heavier music scene.
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Track Name: Ecclesiastes
Well its been 365 days
If time heals all and memories fade
Then why am I still the same
I'm not the one thats changed

So lets pretend that theres no hell, no end
But pain must exist for a reason
Pain still exists
Step by step
I'm moving on
I'm carrying on

We're searching for corners in oval shaped rooms
Tracing scares is my art form
Erase your faults so I can blame myself
It's all in my head

Same place, same day, same time as last year
Being haunted by my fears
Where's my rest

Being told to be myself
But I don't know who I am
Step by step

So come untie the knots
Broken keys fit in broken locks
So come undo whats been done
Broken heart and homes, give up move on
Can you undo whats been done?
Track Name: Grey Town
Am I just in the way
Obstacles and allusions
Are you clinging to what you know
Am I a source of comfort to you
Difficulties in living
Romantic failures are trending

Today I went from being loved in all the best ways
To a commodity in a few short hours
And I don't like how an entity can hold so much power
I feel as though you can crush my existence
My life's purpose
With only your words
I've spent my days since depressed
All the pain I felt when you left
Rushed back like we never had
This constant memory
I'm like vessel lost at sea
A captain who's left his ship
I'm left hollow
Standing on frozen
I'm just a lump of clay
Spoken into form
Whats the allure
Why do you stay
Am I bringing you down

We'll take what ever comes
and say its overwhelming
Im nothing to someone
Something for no one
Same places
Different mistakes

Different lives holding onto distant times
Does it have to be this way
Do I know you the way that I think I do
Do you know me like I don't

When will I be reborn like promised

In love with my failures
Let your spirit wash over me
Let me start again

I chose death
But life chose me
Track Name: The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
I wrote your name on the wall
To remember why I'm here
Recited lines of faith
I'm sure you will be restored
And everyone in the room
With painted brave faces
Gathered to comfort the dead
Is there hope for the living
Constantly Mourning
Everything we lost
Carried by sorrow

So sick of the mirror I don't recognize who looks back

I'll ask the same questions
Time and time again
What happens before we begin
What happens after we end
This is my heart
This is my soul

Same time next year
I swear I'll be better by then
Same time next year
Will I understand

Cut out my tongue
Keep your name from my mouth
Trying to live again

If there's no beginning
Then life has no meaning
And when our lives end
Our eyes won't open again

Cut out my tongue
Keep your name from my mouth
Trying to live again

This is my heart
This is my soul
We will take arms
Because our blood and bodies are weak as hell
Never again

So sick of the mirror I don't recognize who looks back

Try to find meaning
Trying to find purpose
Desiring the end
For solace in knowing
A ghost of who I once was
A glimpse of what I can be
Dancing through the motions
Moving from memory

A wife and a kid
A dog and a fence
The american dream
Just isn't worth living