Count It All In Joy

by Watch For Wolves

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released October 11, 2013



all rights reserved


Watch For Wolves Montreal, Québec

A band made up of other bands, Watch For Wolves is a Post Hardcore/Punk group based out of Montreal, Quebec.
With influences stemming anywhere from Folk, Punk, Post-Rock to heavier Hardcore, Watch For Wolves brings an upbeat melodramatic edge and heart to the heavier music scene.
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Track Name: Picking Sides
Wasted youth
Has never meant so little
Counting the minutes
So the seconds pass quicker
Every day I’m further from you

Run away
Its always come so easy to you
Leave me to
Fear that I never believed

So long my love
I’ll never say never again

This time I mean it
You’ll never hear my voice again
This time I swear it
You'll never see my face again
This time I mean it
You'll never hold my hand again
This time I swear it
You'll never feel loved again

If this is what your love is all about
then you can count me out
Track Name: Mall Kids
Everything's the same
Nothing has changed
Endless death
Bring the war home
Everything has changed
Nothings the same
No one cares but no one ever knew

This confusion
Is breaking me
The backwards talk
Fake sympathy
If I go left
And you go right
Then where should the child set his sights
He’s so lost

Everything is right
There is no wrong
Glorious age
Infinite truth
Nothing could be further from the truth

Low cut knocked up
This is the skin sin disease
Played it safe
From the cradle to the grave

Depression lives
In the hearts of modern day homes

Our parents are popping pills
Our children are hanging themselves
No one seems to care
But well just pretend we never knew
Were just fine
Depression lives
Track Name: In This Home
It seems that everything I’ve ever wanted
All that I've ever prayed for
Has destroyed all that I am
I wish to see the sunrise
On this dark landscape
But I'm not even sure if I’d be able to see a thing
Ive been submerged in darkness for so long
To see the light would cause me to go blind

Everything I ever wanted
Was handed over and it
Destroyed all that I was
So where do go from here
Do I pretend you don't exist or do I
Tell you exactly how I feel
How every day I long
To hear your voice
Wishing everyone was you
The days go quicker
And I'm sure you can’t recall my voice

Haunted by your ghosts
Trapped in your notes
Of days that should stay dead
Every minute is a mile
Coming home to see you smile
Never again

I should’ve known
We should've known
How this would end

I wish to see the sunrise
On this dark landscape
But I'm not even sure if I’d be able to see a thing
I’ve been submerged in darkness for so long
To see the light would cause me to go blind

Repeat a lie just to give me comfort
Wishing we could pretend just a little longer
Repeat a lie just to give me hope
Wishing we could pretend just a little longer

I’ll be better off without you
Or so they say
Track Name: I Hope They're Right
If pictures can say a thousand words
I wonder what story ours would tell
Hand in hand and loved filled eyes
You played your part so goddamn well

Well here I am
Lying in our bed
Wondering if you would ever come home again
Your voice still lingers
Its trapped in the walls
And I can still smell you
On all of my clothes

So count it all in joy

I swore I’d never leave
But I just cant stay
I never though that it could end like this
Can’t help but recall
The day that we met
In that old house
In a beat up part of town
The coldest night
The darkest day
I wish there was something
I could say to change your mind
Nothing to come home to
Nothing to leave behind

I swear I dreamt my youth away
I swear my best days are behind me

The coldest night
The darkest day
Just cant change your mind
Just a waste of time

This is how the story goes

Count it all in joy
Track Name: Jacob
When we were young
We had it all
But then we went missing
You couldn’t believe it
Nobody saw this coming
We screamed for our fathers
Late into the night
But nobody came
They were stuck in the rain
We’re praying for hours
We’re pushing up flowers
Making the grass grow tall

I sell myself short
Yet again just a broken man
My dreams will be the death of me
My dreams are the death of me
It seemed not so long ago
That nothing was impossible
Where have you gone love
Where have you gone
I cling to fading memories
As if I’ve lost the best of me
All I was wont matter
All I had is gone
I swear it’s true
Done nothing but follow you
Its lead to the same situations
Just in different places
Sundays best
They can only get you so far
Memorizing popular verses

Dead beat dad
Promises never kept

With a sour taste in my mouth
I just can’t play make-believe anymore

Where were you
When I needed you
When I would thirst
You never filled me up
Well I’ve been searching
And you know I’ve been praying
Where is your voice love
We were just kids

Nothing left but a shell of who I once was
A subtle reminder
To remember forever

These eyes have taken photos of smiling faces
With love behind their eyes
The truth be told
As Im getting old
These memories are harder to bare
And I fear
That the longer I stare
The faster they’ll wear on my mind
But I’ll take it
Like this was all my fault
Oh God if only I kept my eyes closed